Sexy Smoked Salmon Recipe


Fresh Salmon Fillets. 
Cure (Pickling Salt & sugar, approx. ratio of 500g salt to 600g sugar)
Star anise, fine salt, black pepper, lemon zest, garlic, dill, lemon juice, olive oil.
Salmon fillets are 1
thick. No skin. Place on racks into a baking pyrex.      
Sprinkle a moderate amount of desired spices over fillets (star anise and black pepper). Sprinkle cure heavily and evenly on the fillets.
Rub the cure lightly onto the fillets including any cut surfaces.
Turn upside down. Sprinkle and rub the cure lightly onto the fillet. 
Cure must be 1/6” thick. Cover the baking pyrex with plastic wrap and refrigerate 12 to 20 hours. Do not forget to turn the fillets every 3 or 4 hours adding cure on the upper surface.
Remove fish from cure. Wash out the cure with plenty of fresh water.                       
Allow the fish to dry for an hour in the wind – no sun, or dry it well with paper towel.
Marinate with a little fine salt, star anise, black pepper, lemon zest and very thin slices of garlic. Cover fish with plastic wrap to ensure air has no access. Refrigerate *. 
As shown at the five star Paranga Sumaserie – sixth star will be given soon !
Use Alder flavour wood chips.
Serve with dill, juice of stolen lemons and fine Trianteno olive oil !

* At this point, by covering the fish fillets with half olive oil and half vegetable oil, you may
  eat it raw - no cooked ! Do not forget to serve with fresh chopped dill and lemon juice.

Enjoy it with Saint Isidoro Suma dated 2010 !

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